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Project Description
This app is a code repository where you can store your wonderful code snippets or part of code.

As a developper, I hate to create again and again something I've written weeks, months or even years ago.
I've seen some code repositories on Internet but never as I would like them to be so I decided to create mine.

Snoopy is an acronym meaning SNipPet repOsitOrY.


This project will use the wonderful control FastColoredTextBox written by Pavel Torgashov

Thanks to him for this wonderful work :O)

I've started this project in french so I will upload this project as a reference but I will also create a full english WinForm as well as a WPF application.

This project was started with Visual Studio 2010 and will then be moved to Visual Studio 2012.

The targeted framework is 4.0.


* Upload old french project - Done
* Migrate old french project from VS2010 to VS2012 - Done
* Create a WinForm english project from scratch
* Add my Nuget package Win Form Application Windows Size Value
* Add my Nuget package Win Form Application Version to Title Bar
* Add yellow highlighting on search result
* Create unit tests.
* Add localisation (other languages)
* Start with a text-based file source
* Add a database source file (no SQL like MongoDB or SQLite or SQL CE)
* Add a backup system (text, zip, XML, DB or mail)
* Create a WPF project.
* Add MVVM pattern.
* Improve it from the Win form project.

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